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Crazy Cars

By No Pressure Studios
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Crazy Cars

About Crazy Cars

Crazy Cars is a 3D car game that takes place in a vibrant location full of interesting tracks, entertaining obstacles, and rewarding challenges. Pick a fast car and speed up on exciting ramps, climb Mount Egg, go full throttle on race tracks, perform stunts at drag races, and explore many other fun areas and activities for you to take part in. There are obstacle courses that could even fling your car across the map! Make sure to collect every star, wrench, and other collectible you come across in order to spend them on shiny new vehicles. There are over 17 unique cars you can drive! The game even lets you play against your friend with split screen functionality. Are you ready to sate your need for speed with Crazy Cars?

How to play Crazy Cars online

Drive around the map to find interesting activities to take part in.

Game information

Update Date
February 2024
No Pressure Studios
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