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Connections Game: Connect the Words. Connections Game is a daily game that involves finding common threads between words.In Connections Wordle, players aim to form four groups of four words while limiting mistakes to a maximum of four. The Connections gameplay mechanic adds an extra layer of excitement and strategic thinking, as players must carefully consider their choices and connections.

How to play Connections Game online

Read the words The first step is to carefully read and understand the words provided in the Connections Word Game. Take your time to understand each word and think about what it means in relation to the Connections Puzzle.If you need assistance, feel free to use Google or other resources to help you understand the meaning of the words.

Look for a Common Thing In the Connections game, after reading and understanding the words, your next step is to find the common theme that connects them.During this step, you can ask yourself questions like: Do the words belong to the same group? Are they similar in some way? Do they have a connection to a specific topic or idea? Look for relationships or similarities between the words to find the common theme.

Select & Submit Your Answer Once you have identified the common theme and found the four words that fit within that theme, it's time to make your selection.After selecting the four words, you need to submit your answer. You can do that by clicking on Submit button.

Here are the rules of the Connections game presented in bullet points:

1Sort 16 Words into 4 Groups.2Find connections between the words to determine which ones belong together.3Select four words at a time and submit your answer.4If your selection is correct, the words will be placed in their respective group.5Be cautious, as making four mistakes will result in losing the game.6You can only play once per day


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