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Day D Tower Rush

By Creobit
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Day D Tower Rush

About Day D Tower Rush

Welcome to's thrilling online game, Day D Tower Rush. Prepare for an epic journey through time as you defend against ferocious dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Build and upgrade powerful towers, unleash devastating abilities, and use strategic tactics to repel the ancient threat and save humanity in this action-packed tower defense game.

How to play Day D Tower Rush online

Visit and navigate to the Day D Tower Rush game page to embark on your prehistoric adventure.

As the game loads, you'll find yourself in various prehistoric settings, each with its own unique challenges.

The goal is to defend your base by strategically placing towers along the dinosaur's path. Each tower has different abilities and attack ranges.

Earn resources by defeating dinosaurs and use them to upgrade your towers or build new ones.

As the waves of dinosaurs approach, monitor their movement and adjust your tower placement accordingly to maximize damage.

Pay attention to each dinosaur's strengths and weaknesses. Some may be resistant to certain types of attacks, while others are vulnerable to specific tower types.

Utilize special abilities, such as airstrikes or freezing attacks, to deal heavy damage to groups of dinosaurs.

Earn stars by successfully defending against waves and completing objectives in each level. Use these stars to unlock new levels and advance in the game.

Continuously upgrade your towers and abilities to tackle more challenging levels and face stronger prehistoric foes.

Gear up, strategize, and defend against the mighty dinosaurs in Day D Tower Rush on Fight through time to ensure humanity's survival and make history in this thrilling tower defense game.


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February 2024
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