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By Norman E. Gibat
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Word Hunt

About Word Hunt

Immerse yourself in this deceptively simple yet delightfully challenging free Word Hunt game that combines the best elements of word search, anagrams, and crosswords. To play, click and drag the letters on the board to create words to fill the crossword-style puzzle grid. Your goal is to leave no empty letter spaces on the board, but you can add more words for bonus points if you can spot them.

Enjoy relaxing scenery as you advance to new levels with fresh letter combination puzzles that will challenge your word search skills and test the depth of your vocabulary. For those new to Word Hunt, as you play, you'll discover hints that you can use to help you solve the puzzle if you get stuck. While the game may not be as easy when you get to the more difficult levels, you can usually overcome most challenges if you scramble the letters and learn to spot patterns as they emerge.

Will you find all of the potential letter combinations to complete each puzzle? Take a break and embark on a new adventure with a game of Word Hunt today – play the Word Hunt game online for free anytime on your desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet.

How to play Word Hunt online

To play, click or tap a letter and then drag it to connect and create a word. Keep an eye on the puzzle grid for context clues that will help you find your next word to unscramble. For every puzzle you complete, you'll progress to a new level. As you meet new milestones, you'll receive coins to use towards hints to help advance in the Word Hunt game.

With so many possible word combinations, you may create words that don't appear on your puzzle grid. These are Bonus Words – valid words not found in the puzzle you're currently solving. Click the star icon on the screen to see how many Bonus Words you've created on that level of the Word Hunt online game. The more bonus words you make, the closer you get to earning coins as a reward for your expansive vocabulary.

Having a hard time finding the right word? There are hints you can use in the Word Hunt online game to help you along, including:

  • Shuffle: Rearrange the words on your screen – don't underestimate the power of seeing the same set of words in a new formation. It may bring you one step closer to solving the puzzle. There is no limit to how many times you can shuffle your words.

  • Magnifier: Reveals a letter on the puzzle grid.

  • Light bulb: Reveals a word in the puzzle grid.

To use the magnifier and light bulb hints, you must use coins, so use them wisely as part of your Word Hunt strategy to help you along when you're stuck. You can also try these three Word Hunt tips to unscramble words that will help you in Word Hunt and other word games:

  • Alphabetical order: Grab a paper and pen and write the scrambled letters alphabetically. This approach often helps reveal hidden words, especially when dealing with longer or more complex word scrambles. Once alphabetically sorted, try different combinations to find a meaningful word.

  • Letter Frequency: Look for high-frequency letters like vowels and common consonants. Rearrange those letters to form words, then build around them to find the word.

  • Anagram arrangements: Identify common prefixes or suffixes and try to rearrange the remaining letters. Do you see any recognizable patterns within the scrambled letters? Break the word into smaller fragments and experiment with combinations until a word emerges.

When in doubt, take a break. Sometimes, stepping away and returning with fresh eyes can lead to exciting breakthroughs in unscrambling words and solving complicated word puzzles. Since there’s a long list of words that can work, taking a break can be all that’s needed to find a number of great word options when you return.


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January 2024
Norman E. Gibat
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