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By Louissi
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Age Of War

About Age Of War

Prepare for an epic journey through time in Age Of War, an exhilarating online game available on Step into the shoes of a fearless leader and guide your civilization through various ages, from the Stone Age to the futuristic Age of Information. Wage war against rival civilizations, build defenses, and train armies to conquer your enemies and establish dominance. With its strategic gameplay, captivating visuals, and immersive soundtrack, Age Of War offers an engaging gaming experience for both casual and hardcore strategy enthusiasts. Can you lead your civilization to victory and become the ultimate ruler of the ages? Play Age Of War now and unleash your tactical prowess in this thrilling battle across time.

How to play Age Of War online

Visit and navigate to the Age Of War game page to embark on your conquest through the ages.

Once the game loads, you'll be presented with a base representing your civilization in the current age.

Your goal is to survive and destroy the enemy base in each age.

Click on the units button to train and deploy different types of soldiers to defend your base and attack the enemy.

Use the gold earned over time to purchase more advanced units and upgrade your base defenses.

As you progress through the ages, you'll unlock new units and abilities.

Strategically balance your resources between producing units and improving base defenses.

Keep an eye on the enemy's progress and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Earn experience points by defeating enemies and use them to unlock special attacks and powers.

Destroy the enemy base before they destroy yours to advance to the next age.

Repeat the process in each age until you reach the Age of Information and secure victory.

Adapt your tactics, manage resources wisely, and dominate the ages in Age Of War on

Experience the thrill of leading your civilization through time in Age Of War on Train armies, build defenses, and wage war against rival civilizations across various ages. Strategize, balance resources, and unlock special attacks to secure victory. Can you conquer and dominate the ages? Play Age Of War now and unleash your tactical prowess in this thrilling battle through time.


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March 2024
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