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By Paul Preece
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Desktop Tower Defense

About Desktop Tower Defense

Welcome to the addictive world of Desktop Tower Defense, an online game available on Use your strategic skills and quick thinking to defend your desktop from relentless waves of enemies. Strategically place different types of towers along the path to annihilate the incoming enemy units. Each tower has its own unique abilities and upgrades, allowing you to customize your defense strategy. Earn points for every vanquished enemy and spend them wisely to strengthen your defenses. Beware, as the waves become increasingly challenging, requiring you to adapt and upgrade your towers strategically. With its simple yet engaging gameplay, vibrant graphics, and endless levels, Desktop Tower Defense will keep you entertained for hours. Can you build the ultimate defense and repel all enemy waves? It's time to test your skills and protect your desktop zone in Desktop Tower Defense!

How to play Desktop Tower Defense online

Begin defending your desktop by visiting and accessing the Desktop Tower Defense game page.

In Desktop Tower Defense, your objective is to strategically place towers on your desktop to eliminate waves of enemy units.

Start by selecting a tower from the available options and place it on the desktop. Each tower has unique abilities and costs a certain amount of points to build.

Study the path that the enemies will take and strategically position your towers along that path to maximize their effectiveness.

Earn points for each enemy you defeat. Use these points to upgrade your towers, buy new towers, or unlock special abilities that can help you repel the enemy waves.

Continuously monitor the enemy's progress and adjust your defense strategy accordingly. Consider both the strength and speed of the enemy units when placing and upgrading your towers.

Experiment with different tower combinations and strategies to find the most effective defense against various enemy types.

As you progress, the waves of enemies will become more challenging, requiring you to strategically upgrade your towers and make difficult decisions.

Keep a close eye on your desktop's health. If too many enemy units breach your defenses, your desktop will sustain damage and eventually get overrun.

The game continues until your desktop's health reaches zero or you successfully repel all enemy waves. Aim to achieve the highest score and defend your desktop zone from all incoming threats in Desktop Tower Defense.

Defend your desktop zone with strategy and quick thinking in Desktop Tower Defense on Strategically place towers to eliminate enemy waves. Choose from various tower types with unique abilities. Spend points wisely to upgrade towers, unlock new towers, and unlock special abilities. Position towers strategically along the enemy path. Earn points for defeating enemies. Adapt your strategy as waves become more challenging. Consider enemy strength and speed when placing and upgrading towers. Experiment with tower combinations and strategies. Keep an eye on your desktop's health. The game continues until your desktop's health reaches zero or all waves are repelled. Aim for the highest score and protect your desktop zone in Desktop Tower Defense!


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March 2024
Paul Preece
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