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About Sonny

Experience the gripping tale of Sonny, an amnesiac zombie fighting for survival, in this captivating online game available exclusively on As Sonny, you awaken in a post-apocalyptic world filled with dangers and uncertainty. Battle terrifying creatures, uncover your forgotten past, and unlock powerful abilities to aid in your quest for answers. Engage in strategic turn-based combat, making crucial decisions that will impact your journey. With its immersive storyline, stunning visuals, and deep RPG elements, Sonny will keep you enthralled as you navigate the treacherous landscape and unravel the mysteries shrouding your existence.

How to play Sonny online

Begin your enthralling adventure by visiting and accessing the Sonny game page.

In Sonny, you assume the role of an amnesiac zombie who must navigate a post-apocalyptic world.

Engage in strategic turn-based battles against various enemies. Plan your actions carefully, utilizing a range of skills and abilities at your disposal.

As you progress, you will gain experience points and level up. Allocate attribute points to enhance your character's abilities, strength, agility, or intelligence.

Discover and equip a wide array of gear, weapons, and armor to improve your combat capabilities and survivability.

Interact with other characters throughout the game, each with their own unique stories and quests. Uncover the secrets of the world and piece together your forgotten past.

Make critical choices during dialogues and encounters that will impact the storyline and the relationships you form with other characters.

Customize Sonny's abilities and skillset to suit your playstyle. Experiment with different combinations to find the most effective strategies.

Explore different areas and face challenging boss battles as you strive to uncover the truth behind the apocalypse and Sonny's existence.

Immerse yourself in the dark and atmospheric world of Sonny, where your decisions, combat prowess, and storytelling choices will shape the outcome of your journey.

Embark on an enthralling adventure in Sonny on Battle terrifying creatures as an amnesiac zombie. Engage in turn-based combat. Level up and allocate attribute points. Equip gear, weapons, and armor. Uncover the secrets of the world. Make critical choices during dialogues. Customize Sonny's abilities. Explore different areas and face challenging bosses. Immerse yourself in the gripping storyline and atmospheric world of Sonny, where your actions shape your journey.


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March 2024
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