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About Crazy Boxer

Get ready to step into the ring and unleash your boxing skills with Crazy Boxer, an exciting online game available on Prepare to experience the adrenaline rush of a boxing match as you take on challenging opponents in intense and action-packed bouts. With its realistic graphics, responsive controls, and immersive gameplay, Crazy Boxer offers a thrilling boxing experience for fans of combat sports.

In Crazy Boxer, you'll start as an aspiring boxer and work your way up the ranks through hard work, training, and skill. Customize your boxer's appearance, choose your fighting style, and step into the ring to face a variety of opponents with unique fighting techniques.

Master different boxing moves, such as jabs, hooks, and uppercuts, and utilize defensive techniques like blocks and dodges to outmaneuver your opponents. Time your punches and combinations strategically to deliver devastating blows and knock out your opponents.

Train in the gym to improve your stats, unlock special moves, and build your boxer's stamina and strength. Rise through the ranks, win championships, and become the ultimate champion in the world of Crazy Boxer.

Are you ready to lace up your gloves, step into the ring, and become a boxing legend? Play Crazy Boxer now and show the world your boxing prowess!

How to play Crazy Boxer online

Step 1: Launch Crazy Boxer on

Step 2: Create and customize your boxer, choosing your appearance, name, and fighting style.

Step 3: Familiarize yourself with the controls, including punches, blocks, dodges, and special moves.

Step 4: Enter the ring and select your opponent or start a new career to climb the ranks.

Step 5: Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move your boxer around the ring.

Step 6: Throw punches by pressing the corresponding keys or buttons for jabs, hooks, and uppercuts.

Step 7: Time your punches carefully to land effective blows on your opponent.

Step 8: Utilize defensive moves like blocks and dodges to avoid your opponent's attacks.

Step 9: Build up your special move gauge by landing successful punches and unleash devastating combinations.

Step 10: Train in the gym to improve your boxer's attributes, unlock new moves, and increase stamina and strength.

Enter the thrilling world of Crazy Boxer, step into the boxing ring, and unleash your fighting skills. Can you rise through the ranks, defeat challenging opponents, and become the ultimate boxing champion? Grab your gloves, step into the ring, and show the world the power of your punches in Crazy Boxer!


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January 2024
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