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About Crazy Yarn Ball

Welcome to Crazy Yarn Ball, the adorable online game available on that brings a world of cute, colorful kitties and yarn-filled fun to your screen. Get ready to embark on a cat-tastic adventure and help these mischievous felines chase and play with yarn balls. With its charming graphics, addictive gameplay, and delightful challenges, Crazy Yarn Ball guarantees hours of entertainment for players of all ages.

In Crazy Yarn Ball, your goal is to guide the playful kitties as they chase and interact with yarn balls across various vibrant and interactive levels. Swipe and flick your finger to launch yarn balls and strategically bounce them off walls and objects to reach elusive cats.

Explore a variety of levels with increasing difficulty, each presenting unique obstacles and puzzles to overcome. Collect stars and unlock new areas as you progress, unveiling exciting surprises and adorable cat characters along the way.

Challenge yourself to achieve high scores, complete objectives, and earn rewards as you unravel the yarn-filled adventures in Crazy Yarn Ball. Let the feline fun begin!

How to play Crazy Yarn Ball online

Step 1: Launch Crazy Yarn Ball on

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the charming scenery and adorable cat characters.

Step 3: Swipe and flick your finger to launch a yarn ball.

Step 4: Strategically bounce the yarn ball off walls and objects to reach elusive cats.

Step 5: Take note of the unique obstacles and puzzles in each level.

Step 6: Explore different strategies to overcome challenges and complete objectives.

Step 7: Collect stars scattered throughout the levels to unlock new areas and cat characters.

Step 8: Aim for high scores by completing levels quickly and using fewer yarn balls.

Step 9: Discover hidden surprises and adorable animations as you progress.

Step 10: Challenge yourself to unravel all the yarn-filled adventures, achieve perfect scores, and become the ultimate Crazy Yarn Ball champion.

Get ready for a feline-filled adventure, unravel yarn balls, and help playful kitties in Crazy Yarn Ball. Swipe, bounce, and strategize your moves to complete levels, unlock new areas, and meet adorable cat characters. It's time to embark on a purr-fectly fun journey!


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January 2024
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