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About Haunted Space

Embark on a bone-chilling adventure in the dark corners of the universe with Haunted Space, an immersive online game available on Prepare to be enthralled and terrified as you navigate through hauntingly beautiful cosmic landscapes, encounter mysterious entities, and unravel the secrets of the unknown. With its stunning visuals, atmospheric soundtrack, and gripping storyline, Haunted Space offers an unforgettable gaming experience for those who are brave enough to venture into the abyss.

In Haunted Space, you'll take on the role of a lone spaceship pilot exploring a vast and eerie universe plagued by supernatural phenomena. Navigate treacherous environments, engage in intense space combat, and uncover the truth behind the haunting entities lurking in the darkness. With a range of upgrades and customization options, you can further enhance your spaceship and improve your chances of survival.

Prepare to face your fears, unravel dark mysteries, and confront cosmic horrors in Haunted Space. Will you survive the haunting journey through the cosmos? Enter the void and find out!

How to play Haunted Space online

Step 1: Launch Haunted Space on

Step 2: Select your spaceship and familiarize yourself with its controls and capabilities.

Step 3: Embark on the first mission and observe the atmospheric and haunting cosmic landscapes.

Step 4: Navigate your spaceship through diverse environments, avoiding obstacles and hazards.

Step 5: Engage in space combat with supernatural foes, utilizing your weapons and abilities.

Step 6: Collect resources and salvage from defeated enemies to upgrade your spaceship.

Step 7: Discover clues and unravel the storyline by exploring the mysterious universe.

Step 8: Use the map and mission objectives to guide your progress through the game.

Step 9: Customize your spaceship with enhancements, weapons, and defenses to improve your chances of survival.

Step 10: Confront and defeat powerful bosses to progress further and uncover dark secrets.

Buckle up, pilot! Brace yourself for a terrifying journey through the haunted depths of space in Haunted Space. Are you ready to navigate treacherous environments, engage in cosmic battles, and uncover the chilling truth that lurks in the darkness? Start playing now and face your deepest fears!


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January 2024
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