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About Shopping Mall Tycoon

Welcome to the exciting world of Shopping Mall Tycoon, an immersive online game available on Get ready to unleash your entrepreneurial skills and build the shopping mall of your dreams. With its engaging gameplay, vibrant visuals, and a wide variety of shops and attractions, Shopping Mall Tycoon offers an immersive experience for players who want to create a thriving retail empire.

In Shopping Mall Tycoon, you'll start with a small vacant lot and gradually construct and expand your shopping mall. Design the layout, select shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues, and attract customers to generate profits. Customize your mall with various decorations and amenities to create a unique shopping experience.

Manage your resources, hire staff, and make strategic decisions to keep customers happy and maximize your revenue. Expand your mall by adding more floors, attracting high-end retailers, and organizing events to draw larger crowds.

Become a tycoon in the retail industry and transform your shopping mall into a bustling hub of commerce and entertainment. Are you ready to create the ultimate shopping destination? Play Shopping Mall Tycoon now and start building your retail empire!

How to play Shopping Mall Tycoon online

Step 1: Launch Shopping Mall Tycoon on

Step 2: Begin the game by selecting an available vacant lot to build your shopping mall.

Step 3: Design the layout of your mall, placing shops, restaurants, and other attractions strategically.

Step 4: Choose the types of shops and their specialties to attract a diverse range of customers.

Step 5: Set rental prices and manage contracts with shop owners to generate revenue.

Step 6: Expand your mall by constructing additional floors and unlocking more space for new stores.

Step 7: Decorate your mall with attractive amenities, appealing to different customer preferences.

Step 8: Hire staff, such as janitors and security personnel, to maintain cleanliness and safety in the mall.

Step 9: Organize events and promotional campaigns to attract more customers and boost sales.

Step 10: Monitor your finances, track customer satisfaction levels, and make strategic decisions to maximize profits and build a successful shopping empire.

Step into the shoes of a visionary retail tycoon, design a magnificent shopping mall, attract customers, and watch your empire grow in Shopping Mall Tycoon. Are you ready to create a shopping paradise and become the ultimate tycoon? Start playing now and see your dreams come to life!


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February 2024
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