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About Supermarket Simulator

Welcome to Supermarket Simulator, the immersive and addictive online game available on Get ready to experience the bustling world of a supermarket, where you'll take on the role of a store manager. With its realistic graphics, engaging gameplay, and strategic challenges, Supermarket Simulator offers a unique gaming experience for players of all ages.

In Supermarket Simulator, you'll be responsible for managing and operating your own virtual supermarket. From stocking shelves with a variety of products to serving customers and managing finances, every decision you make will impact the success of your store. Expand your supermarket, improve customer satisfaction, and strive to achieve high sales.

Immerse yourself in a dynamic and interactive supermarket environment, complete with realistic customer behavior and a wide range of products to manage. Make strategic decisions, such as pricing, product placement, and staff management, to ensure a smooth operation and maximize profits.

With its intuitive controls and detailed gameplay mechanics, Supermarket Simulator offers a realistic shopping experience like never before. So put on your manager hat, grab your shopping cart, and get ready to create a thriving supermarket empire in Supermarket Simulator!

How to play Supermarket Simulator online

Step 1: Launch Supermarket Simulator on

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the controls and interface.

Step 3: Start the game and find yourself in your virtual supermarket.

Step 4: Observe the initial state of your supermarket, including the stock levels and the shopping area.

Step 5: Take stock of the products and replenish any low inventory by ordering from suppliers.

Step 6: Set prices for your products to attract customers while maximizing profits.

Step 7: Ensure your shelves are well-stocked and organized to cater to customer needs.

Step 8: Attend to customers by helping them find products, handling payments, and providing excellent customer service.

Step 9: Hire and train staff to assist with various tasks like stocking, cashiering, and cleaning.

Step 10: Monitor your finances, track sales and expenses, and make strategic decisions to optimize your supermarket's performance.

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Supermarket Simulator, where you'll experience the challenges and rewards of managing your own virtual supermarket. From inventory management to customer service, every decision will shape the success of your store. Are you up for the challenge? Step into the world of Supermarket Simulator and build your supermarket empire now!


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January 2024
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